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ArmA2Free Quick Start Guide


Arma 2: Free (A2F) redefines the free-to-play battlefield with its truly unrivalled scale and gameplay possibilities. A2F serves up almost everything offered by the original Arma 2 - the '13th best PC game of all time', according to PC Gamer - minus the campaign, HD graphics and support for user-made addons and mods.


Official ArmA2:Free WIKI:



ArmA2 Free MANUAL (PDF):



Q: Is Arma 2 Free compatible in multiplayer with Arma 2?

A: Arma 2 Free can host and join multiplayer games fully compatible with the original Arma 2, as long as no user addons and modifications are present. Note that Arma 2: Combined Operations / Operation Arrowhead / Reinforcements are using different newer version of the engine and are not compatible.

Q: Is it possible to use custom missions and multiplayer modes from the original Arma 2?

A: Yes, custom single and multi player missions are fully compatible. Custom campaigns for Arma 2 can also be used. The only limitation is that no user addons are supported by Arma 2 Free so only missions designed for vanilla Arma 2 can be used.


Table of Contents:

1. Where to download ArmA2Free
2. Where to play ArmA2Free
3. Gameplay Tips
4. Optimising ArmA2 settings

1. Where to download ArmA2Free

You can download ArmA2 Free from any of the following sources.

Total size is 959MB.

Download Mirrors

Hash Checks: (confirm your download was not corrupted)

CRC32: 00F1BAA2
MD5: E9EE8AD25BD438EDCA39DA97FA7B1259
SHA1: 2FAB70D723626822F9A1EF2223926F0FA12E1070


2. Where to play ArmA2Free

You can play on ArmA2 Free servers, and ArmA2 servers if the missions do not require additional mods. ArmA2 servers must be running v1.10 to be compatable.

ArmA2Free Au & NZ Servers:


TeamSpeak Server:

ts.ausarma.org (default port - 9899) - Recommended Channel = 'ARMA2FREE'
Australian and New Zealand ArmA Community TeamSpeak server

TeamSpeak3 = Advanced Voice Communications software to enhance your gaming. Joining a server's TeamSpeak3 is a requirement for some servers that focus on teamwork and mature game play.

If you have any questions you can join our TeamSpeak server, and ask someone *IF* they are in the "Lounge" channel.

Please be considerate of other players who are in other channels and would not like to be disrupted while playing.

Notes about joining other servers:

ArmA2Free does NOT allow use of any additional modifications, such as community made vehicles and weapons, or even official expansions/mods made by the game developers (Bohemia Interactive Studios).

With ArmA2Free you can join:
ArmA2Free Dedicated Servers
ArmA2 Dedicated Servers

You cannot join:
Operation Arrowhead Dedicated Servers
Combined Operations Dedicated Servers
ArmA2 Dedicated Servers if mission is using 3rd party mods!

Operation Arrowhead is an official expansion to ArmA2, that can be run as a standalone game (without requiring ArmA2), or it can be 'combined' with ArmA2 and it's then called "Combined Operations" which let's players use vehicles/weapons/islands from both games.

Now to make things tricky/confusing:

You can only join a ArmA2 server if it's already updated to v1.10, which was released same day as ArmA2Free. Players who own Combined Operations can also play with you, if they use arma2.exe instead of arma2oa.exe (Operation Arrowhead) as long as they've updated their ArmA2 to v1.10.

To make things less confusing ArmA server administrators will 'hopefully' rename their servers to "ArmA2Free" so new players can find the right servers, and also ensure that only ArmA2 missions are available (because if an admin selects an Operation Arrowhead mission, or one requiring mods, it would kick all the A2Free players.).

3. Gameplay Tips:

For many, multiplayer is where ArmA really shines. However, before jumping straight into a mulitplayer game it's best to play around in the Armoury. Get used to the controls, the menu system, how the aiming works, and familiarise yourself with most of the weapons and vehicles.

5 Quick Tips for Beginners:

Patience! ArmA 2 is not like other FPS games like Call of Duty, Team Fortress or the Battlefield series of games. Watch what players around you are doing (those that look like they're not new) and take things slow at first.
Practice! Before you jump into multiplayer, set up your Profile in the main game menu, spend some time playing single player missions, sample the vehicles and infantry in "The Armoury", and get some practice in before playing in front of a live audience.
Participate! ArmA 2 isn't very enjoyable when you run off on you're own. Not only is it unwise if you wish to survive, but you may as well just play singleplayer if you don't stick with other players (besides, if you're as good as you think you are, you'll want an audience to impress)
Listen! Join a TeamSpeak3 server. Asking players the odd question on TS3 is encouraged (everyone will expect new players for next few week so you won't be alone) but otherwise try to listen to what people are saying (such as coordinating attacks, requesting reinforcements/supplies, calling out enemy positions, etc) and soak it all in.
Professionalism! ArmA 2 was released in 2009. A2 was a sequel to ArmedAssault, and OFP before it, dating all the way back to 2001. There are players who have been playing this series for 10 years now, and majority of us in 25-40yo age group. Swearing, insulting other players, deliberately killing your own team or wasting team assets (tanks, choppers, etc) will earn you a bad reputation and get you kicked, or possibly banned from the server (if not several, as Server Admins share their list of troublesome players).

Basically ARMA2 is a fairly complex and unforgiving game, suited to mature players. The more time you spend learning and playing the game, the more rewarding and enjoyable it will be for both you and the others you play with. THINK before you act, and you'll be on the right track...

4. Optimizing ArmA2 Settings:

If you want to optimize your your system to get the best peformance out of ArmA2, then it's recommended you read the very detailed (but user-friendly) PvPScene WIKI here: