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Multi-Session Operations v4.21 released

Posted by wolffy_au , 11 March 2012 · 452 views


Over 20 sample missions including: Hazar-Kot, Eden, Tigeria, Qom Province, CLAfghan, Lingor, Tora Bora, Podagorsk, Cicada, Takistan, Chernarus, Zargabad and Utes
A2CO, ACE, CWR missions AVAILABLE! (removed A2Free)
Random IEDs, Suicide Bombers, VB-IEDs, Roadblocks now implemented!
Roy86's Patrol Ops 2 now integrated!
Reezo's EOD add-on now compatible!
Nielsen's Civilian Interaction Module now compatible!

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Get the latest 4.21 Missions AND MSO Code Base here

Requires CBA


You need ELITENESS to depbo these missions

Note: We will be regularly patching/fixing the code and missions as feedback comes in, so please check back here for any newer versions.

What's New for v4.20?
- Added CWR² M113 HQ to WHB Multispawn
- Added CWR² US units to Recruitment
- Added message telling players when they can reconnect if they run out of lives.
- Added DRN Dynamic Weather (thanks Engima)

- Town Manager fixes
- Ensured R3F and Patrol Ops 2 compatibility
- Fixed mission construction module entry
- Added SL's to recruitment

- Prevented TCells from recruiting if > 150 OPFOR units exist (Feature #27597)
- Updated Terror Cells to now randomly setup road block near town (30% chance)
- TUP_IED improvements - added EOD loudspeakers to vehicles, double number of IEDs if enemy present, cleaned up IED object lists
- Update of PO2 to v082
- Updated WICT (26.01.2012, v.04.10.001, thanks Highhead
- changed max. safepos in main.sqf for camps and AI to have baseguards and to get better spawning positions of bases (not in hills and elevation)
- Added OCB Roy86's Patrol Ops 2 enemy module, courtesy of Highhead
- Terrorists don't react when travelling in car unless BLUFOR are within 200m and below 50 feet
- Updated Terrorist Cells to use TUP_IED for VBIEDs
- Added TUP_IED module, places ambient IEDs, VBIEDs and Suicide Bombers on any map, also automatically integrates with Reezo's EOD addon (optional)
- Improved Reezo EOD addon by replacing addon scripts in mission (IEDs only detonate for players now, random smaller charges, better logging)

- Dogs only bark when approached
- Made shepherds more reactive when their flock are shot or injured (except by vehicles)
- Changed default parameters for Ambient Air (All Factions by default) and WICT (Off by default)
- Ambient Air is changed now that aircraft truly Never Fire when told to do so, so enemy aircraft pose no threat (and sound/look very good)
- Updated Civilian Vehicles so certain amount are VBIEDs (if enabled in params)
- Removed BIS_CIV_special from ambient civilians
- Random door closer

- Obsoleted support for A2Free until someone tells us they are using it
- Added Villa helipad to Zargabad

- Fixed guard post and House patrol scripts
- Added spawnCrew function (searches the area for vehicles and spawns crew, useful for compositions)
- Fixed default factions in SP

Known Issues
- PO2 tasks sometimes throw errors if there is no suitable position/building available
- UAV stops Shift-Click and Alt-Click from working if you do not use the context menu
- Server Crashes with Beta
- EOD Loudspeaker functionality seems to disappear after reconnect
- MHQ can be deployed several times
- CIM Extraction Helo is spawned on hill side in Takistan

Feedback, issues, bugs
Report any issues here.

What Is MSO?
Multi Session Operations is a modular mission framework. Essentially it is a collection of scripts that create a persistent, living scenario in which the player operates. Unlike regular missions that have pre-scripted objectives, MSO procedurally generates enemy forces that are unpredictable and (semi) random. Players have to think beyond the mere tactical level and build up the intelligence picture, carrying out recce patrols to identify enemy locations and conduct deliberate attacks to neutralise them. Everything is persistent, including equipment, ammo, vehicles and even player lives. MSO is designed specifically for Dedicated Server use.

Recommended Settings / Peformance
Due to the dynamic nature of MSO and its reliance on scripting to generate ambience and dynamic enemy, it can be resource intensive. The default settings are the recommended ones for most maps (although I would recommend All Factions for ambient air if used). If you have a large map with lots of locations (Chernarus) or a large number of players you will want to consider disabling or dialling down ambience or enemy.

If you enable ALL the modules, please do not ask us why it performs so poorly.

The MSO team would like to welcome HighHead and WobblyHeadedBob to the dev team!

Thanks to:
- MSO development team: Wolffy.au, Tupolov, Ryan, friznit, highhead, WobblyHeadedBob, zorrobyte, HateDread, kieran, Kolmain, and Rommel
- Ryan, Antipop, Rommel, Militant, Scarecrow and Australian Armed Forces (AAF)
- Friznit, Tupolov, DaveP and Volunteer Commando Battalion (VCB)
- Krause, Beta, Sandiford, JollyResq - United Operations (UO)
- Kremator, SCAJolly, Katipo66, vengeance1, 16AA, VCB and AEF clans for testing
- Alef and Sickboy for CBA conversion for A2Free
- Xeno and Mikero for their Mission Builder Script
- Spyder for Object Network Update (ONU), LoyalGuard for ARMA Electrical Grids (AEG), ArmaIIholic and Highhead for World In Conflict (WICT), LurchiDerLurch for AC130 CAS
- Robalo, USMCWall, Muzzleflash, Wobbleyheadedbob, Hatedread, Zonekiller, VoW Widow, Swedge, Lonestar, SBSMac, Prymsuspec, zGuba, Fireball, Nou, Jaynus, Norrin for bits and pieces we got from you
- CWR² team, IceBreakr, Shezan, Commander, Old Bear for making your mods and islands MSO friendly
- Roy86 for Patrol Ops 2 Module
- Enigma for Weather Module

Source: Multi-Session Operations v4.21 released

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